Pyrit 0.4.0 released

I’ve finally kicked Pyrit 0.4.0 out of the door. You can find the new version here. The main changes compared to 0.3.0 are:

  • Added the CAL++-plugin for ATI (tarball is packed by hazeman and will be available soon)
  • Added command ‘check_db’
  • Complete rework of packet-parsing and handshake detection
  • Make default workunit-size configureable (workunit_size)
  • Make maximum number of used CPUs configurable (limit_ncpus)
  • Use GPU-native bitwise rotation with OpenCL if possible
  • Use libpcap to access capture-devices/files
  • CUDA-plugin now compatible with Fermi-GPUs
  • OpenCL-plugin now builds on MacOS 10.6
  • Fixed CUDA-plugin on MacOS 10.6
  • Fixed SSE2-detection on old CPUs
  • Fixed database-indices
  • Fixed rare IndexError in EAPOLCracker




  1. What we have to say? great job, as usual. And a special reward to hazemann for cal++ that transform a ATI gpu in a real number smasher. Now we look forward to 0.5 :) :) :)

  2. It is awesome! I am really glad!

    Question: is this faster than 3.0 with nvidia cuda or I get same speed?

    • Probably roughly the same speed, although 0.4.0 gives more room for compiler optimization.

  3. Thanks!

    are sqlite databases generated with pyrit 0.3.0 compatible with pyrit 0.4.0 ?

    also, it seems the displayed PKMs is a bit lower than with pyrit 0.3.0, but that the workunits are processed a lot slower (using CPU only here, on a core i7)

    • They are

  4. Great to hear. Many thanks for putting this out.

  5. Do you know if hazeman has that CAL++-plugin ready yet?

  6. I don’t. You may poke him about that.

  7. wow, the calpp plugin recognizes my 780g, and I got a speed up of 3x in my system!
    Thanks for your work, and thanks to hazeman, he resurrected my poor machine! :D

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