Native support for Windows

People keep asking me about why there is no native support for Windows or why it is so hard get Pyrit working there. The reason is that I just don’t care about Windows when it comes to development:

In my experience, after more than fifteen years of being the most used operating system by end-users, it’s ability to run collaborative code is mainly defined by it’s ability to display web-pages.



  1. Well said sir! Why the hell would someone want to run pyrit on windoze in the first place. Who pen tests with windows when you have such a amazing plethora of apps for linux. If you don’t want to give up your precious win machine just make a live cd or thumb drive image with any linix distro of your choice with oyrit on it…

  2. just work on 4.0 and removing scapy
    any idea on the planned release of 4.0?

    • when its done

  3. people!

    even tho I grew up with MS DOS, I quickly grew to be comfortable with Windows, and accepted all the flaws that came with convenience.

    then, back in 2008, I moved to a remote area house in which I wasn’t able to order a proper internet connection.. that’s when I came across BackTrack.

    Trust me, people, if you give yourself some time, weeks/months rather than hours, you *will* get the hang of Linux/BackTrack, and you will feel good about it too.

    Windows is good for games, Linux is good for serious business.

    btw… only thinking about running Pyrit in Window$ makes me smell my GPU’s plastic..

  4. now I wonder since the ps3/psp is wide open of we could code pyrit to use the cell process or what speed what we get. also if they can code for the gpu as well

    • Pyrit works on the CELL B.E. – search this blog

  5. glad you wont support windows. I guess there´d be an awful wave of noobs then. I mean, not being able to capture is what keeps most noobs off of aircrack, IMHO. PPl that are not willing to get a copy of the right OS for the right task don´t deserve using nice tools like yours

  6. I don’t any problem installing Linux, but the problem Linux doesn’t provide good driver for my AMD 6770 radeon card!

    So if there is a windows version, then i can run pyrit without any problem, which support my card.

  7. I use Windows because 99% of the apps I use are Windows based and because it works well for me and I like it.
    The only reason why I have Linux installed is that 1% of the apps (such as pyrit) only work on linux.
    Being forced to have two operating systems is a waste of space and time.

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