Native support for Windows

People keep asking me about why there is no native support for Windows or why it is so hard get Pyrit working there. The reason is that I just don’t care about Windows when it comes to development:

In my experience, after more than fifteen years of being the most used operating system by end-users, it’s ability to run collaborative code is mainly defined by it’s ability to display web-pages.



I’ve added a Flattr-account for Pyrit here.

Requirements for sleeping with foreign people

The news report that London’s Heathrow airport ran out of toothbrushes and alcohol due to the numerous canceled flights and people sleeping at the airport. What a pity: If there are two things you need when sleeping with strangers it’s alcohol and a toothbrush.

We need just another packet-parser in python

Once I finally have time to care about Pyrit again, version 0.4 will get kicked out of the door. Once that is done, the first to-do is to remove the dependency on scapy. The library is mind boggling bloated, slow and buggy. Did I mention that it is *slow* and *buggy* and *bloated*? I hate it.

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