Pyrit on 4x Radeon HD 5970

280.000 PMKs/s fly by in yet another video of yet another high-end system dedicated to some serious number-crunching.



  1. Hi.
    I am one of the people responsible for making this video and administrating this system. It would be great if we could work together on optimizing pyrit for such systems. We believe that at the moment it works only on half of it’s power. For instance the same results we get using 3 and 4 HD5970 so there is certainly a field for improvement.

    • Hi,

      that would be great. My main problem (besides time) is that I don’t have access to any decent hardware myself. Pyrit is written mainly on a 6 years old Pentium D + Radeon 4850 and a MacBook Pro + GeForce9800M. Is there a way for remote access?

      Also, the project lacks people that are actually able to write code themselves…


      • Hi.
        On 24 of september I have sent an email to your gmail account regarding pyrit network performance. Please reply to it (or write to my using email address that I have used for this comment) so we could contact trough mail, gmail chat or any other IM. I think this will be better way to discuss the detail.s

    • I’d check clocks and load%, bet the cards in the middle are throttling.
      Also a 1200W PSU for quad 5970s is cutting it WAY too close for my taste.

  2. sorry to change the subject but in the latest svn is the networking option removed? or do I have to enable it? using bt4 r1

  3. oops

    networking I forgot about that setting
    I downloaded the cuda toolklit from backtrack repository(apt-get install cua-toolkit)
    now it sees 2 of 3 cards plus the cpu cores
    have to play around with it to see if I can get the 3rd one up and running.

    so sorry for the issues I have caused

  4. […] développeurs de l’utilitaire Open Source Pyrit sont même parvenus à tester jusqu’à 280 000 clés par seconde (ce record fut tout de même obtenu grâce à 4 Radeon HD 5970, soit 8 GPU). Mais même à cette […]

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