ATI still sucks

ATI has finally managed to produce a driver that executes on the Xorg-server and kernel used by Fedora13. Only drawback is that it produces grey boxes instead of windows and text. In other news, from the SDK’s developer release notes:

The ATI RadeonTM HD 5970 GPU is currently supported in single-GPU mode only. It is recommended users only access the first device on an ATI RadeonTM HD 5970 GPU for GPU compute.

See Pyrit bug #123 for more information and a workaround (that may or may not work for you).

Pyrit 0.3.0 vs. Fermi

Please note that the CUDA-plugin for Pyrit 0.3.0 is not compatible with Nvidia’s latest Fermi GPUs (e.g. found in the GTX480). The plugin comes with pre-compiled GPU-code that Fermi is not able to execute.

Follow the documentation on how to install Pyrit’s latest development-version; this problem has already been fixed there. You might notice a short delay when executing Pyrit 0.3.1 for the first time, as the driver compiles the code for your GPU…


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