Pyrit MySQL cluster

Here are some information, impressive photos and a video about a Pyrit-cluster built by ivc. More photos here.



  1. Ok, this is pretty amazing, buit why does he have 4 motherboards running just 2 ATI cards? Is he clustering the CPU power of the other boards? Will the other MB’s eventually get GPU’s?

    • You’ll have to ask ivc, I’m just posting the link :-)

    • Thanks! The upper-most motherboard has slots for 4x PCI-E 16x Cuda/Stream cards. The other 3 motherboards were for the MySQL cluster; MySQL Server, Datastorage1 and Datastorage 2. After completing the benchmark testing, I could’ve removed the MySQL motherboard and migrated it into the one of the datanodes as it didn’t require much computing power.

  2. hey have you herd anything about fermi’s speed. I am almost at the point on deciding. Do I get nvidia’s top card or ati’s top card?

  3. compaq,

    From the numbers I have seen so far, the HD5970’s are beating out the GTX 480’s. There are a few numbers in some of the issues on the pyrit code page. I’m having some issues with cuda after installling my GTX 480; so once I get those sorted out, I’ll get some hard numbers up on my 480.

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