We’ll have to go right to… Ludicrous Speed!

A recent update brought a SSE2-based execution path for Pyrit’s HMAC-SHA1 implementation and thereby a very compelling performance improvement for attack_db or attack_cowpatty when used with handshakes based on WPA2-PSK. The older WPA-PSK however utilises MD5 instead of SHA1 so that case could not equally benefit.

I’ve taken yesterday’s and today’s evening and the latest “Pyrit 0.2.5-svn r215” has shiny SSE2-code for MD5 now too. The numbers speak for themselves: Crunching a 2gb, 50 million entries cowpatty-file against a WPA-PSK handshake on my MacBook Pro 2×2.5Ghz took 1 minute and 27 seconds with r213 (575.000 passwords per second). The new r215 walks through the same file in just over 33 seconds (1.5 million passwords per second).


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  1. This is fantastic news, thank you for the continued development and support of pyrit !

    Still, I am very interested in ideas to make the ‘passthrough’ operation of pyrit faster. Currently, I’m running BT4pf with a dual-core AMD CPU with GTX-260 and -295 getting approx. 30K PMKs / sec. Not bad, but can it go higher?

    Also, I’ve submitted an issue (#54) with seg-faults resulting in core dumps of the ‘attack_passthrough’ operation and had seen your ideas in #66. Any progress on 66?

    Again, thanks for your work on pyrit!

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