Even better numbers…

… come with “Pyrit 0.2.5-dev r213” which improves performance of attacking WPA2 via precomputed (cowpatty-like) tables by about 30% to 40% for my little MacBook Pro. The new version does a 50 million entries, 2GB cowpatty file in about 37 seconds (1.3 million keys per seconds).

WPA-PSK will not benefit as much as WPA2-PSK as it partly uses MD5 instead of SHA1 for which we don’t have a SSE2-path yet.



  1. I just downloaded r214, compiled and
    do attack_cowpatty. My hard disk can
    do only 57MB/s, it isn’t fast enough
    to allow pyrit more than 1.5M PSKs/s!
    I was forced – with my pleasure – to
    split database on sda1 and sdb1, run
    2 instance of pyrit to bypass the
    disk bottleneck, so I reached +1.7M
    PSKs/s. Great work you did!

  2. you really are the man – excellent work… keep it up!!

  3. ehy ebfe, I suppose you are a fan of this http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citius,_altius,_fortius sentences, because every time I move to a new rXXX of pyrit, I got a better software every times :-)

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