New functions in svn

Two new cli-functions have found their way into svn recently:

  • import_unique_passwords
    Let’s you add passwords from a file-like source just like ‘import_passwords‘ but skips the whole ‘uniqueness-checking’. While this command provides a much better (and constant) performance, you can easily poison your database with multiple entries of the same password. Use this command if you have a large source of passwords where you know that every entry is guaranteed to be unique.
  • relay
    This command improves Pyrit’s network-functionality by serving a local or foreign storage-source via RPC. It enables you to have multiple network-clients of Pyrit work on the same storage, without letting each of the clients access that storage directly. You can have network-based access to storage source that don’t provide network-access on their own (like file:// and sqlite://) or hide a mysql-database behind a firewall and let multiple clients access that database only via Pyrit’s RPC-interface.
    The port 17934 must be open for TCP-connections for this function to work.

    For example:

    The server on (where all the data is):
    pyrit -u sqlite:////var/local/pyrit.db relay

    A client on another host (with the big GPU):
    pyrit -u batch


1 Comment

  1. hello,
    I report benchmark I did doing import of 244 Million password using r203:

    pyrit -i password.txt import_passwords = 3155 seconds
    pyrit -i password.txt import_unique_passwords = 940 seconds

    To me, import_unique_passwords it is 3.35 time faster than import_passwords and save me several hours of computation time.

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