The world’s smallest WPA-tools

Cowpatty’s genpmk – with extensive hardware support added – in 2 lines of code:

from cpyrit import util
map(util.CowpattyWriter(essid=’linksys’, f=’linksys.cow’).write, util.PassthroughIterator(essid=’linksys’, iterable=open(‘dict’)))

A GPGPU-driven WPA/WPA2-cracker in 7 lines of code:

from cpyrit import util, pckttools
with pckttools.EAPOLCracker(pckttools.PacketParser(‘wpa2psk-linksys.dump’)[’00:0b:86:c2:a4:85′][’00:13:ce:55:98:ef’].auths[0]) as cracker:
>>>>for pmks in util.PassthroughIterator(‘linksys’, open(‘dict’)):
>>>>>>>>if cracker.solution is not None:
print “The password is ‘%s'” % cracker.solution

Isn’t Python great?



  1. As I remember, ebfe sayd that MAYBE the support for network (aka: the capability of pyrit to be aggregate the power of N hardare) will be reintroduced into pyrit 0.2.5… it will be?

    • yes it will

      • G-R-E-A-T!
        I hope there will be less traffic than before, so I can clusterize more PCs :-)

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