More docs

I’ve updated Pyrit’s documentation with some lines about the new features in 0.2.4 (including the new strip-command).

There is also some (basic) information in case you would like to port Pyrit to a new hardware-platform. Pyrit on FPGA anyone?



  1. genius on the inclusion of a strip attribute… I have a 100MB pcap file, and was thinking, “man, I seriously only need the 4 way handshake…. what a waste”….

    perfect answer to the this problem… :) Nice work as usual. I’m also curious to try out the cracking capability. Does it really replace cowpatty? :)

    • Beware that Scapy is *very* slow with parsing. It will take some time to crunch through a 100mb pcap file.

      Pyrit’s capability in handling EAPOL-authentications is subject to much improvement. Please submit a (striped!) pcap-file to the Issue-tracker if it works in aircrack-ng or cowpatty, but not in Pyrit.

  2. actually, i have a 3 way handshake that i successfully cracked with aircrack-ng. Is this sufficient? If yes, I will gladly attach to a new issue. Please let me know. Sorry for the lack of facts.

    Alternatively, I can grab a standard issue pcap from my backtrack4 cd and attach if you want?

    • Yes, please create an Issue and attach pcaps that don’t work with Pyrit but with other tools.

      • alrighty – i created an issue for you and attached a 3way handshake pcap file.

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