Combining passthough and batchprocess

It seems an often overlooked feature is that you can batchprocess (compute and write results to disk for use later on) and passthrough (compute and write results to stdout for immediate use) at the same time. All you have to do is specify ‘-f -‘ as an option to the command batchprocess.

What happens is that Pyrit processes passwords for a single ESSID (given by ‘-e’), stores the results on disk and writes them to stdout. Results that already have been computed are immediately written to stdout. Batchprocess continues silently if stdout becomes unavailable (e.g. because the target program/shell closed the pipe). If all results have already been computed, batchprocess behaves almost exactly as passthrough does.

This way you can stop and resume a passthrough-run quite easily. It also prevents the need to re-compute in case Pyrit should brake down.


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