Rev69 committed (Updated)

The update to revision 69 that was committed a few minutes ago is by far the largest update to Pyrit’s codebase ever. It brings a general cleanup of the codebase and a lot of improvements behind the scenes. I’ll update the documentation (what documentation?) in the next few days.

Some of the most important changes:

*  Support for Multi-GPU should work on NVidia-CUDA devices.
*  For the moment you can no longer configure the core-layout yourself. The rule of thumb is that Pyrit auto-configures all available GPU-cores and (NumberOfCPUs – NumberOfGPUs) CPU-cores. In general that means a slight performance increase for users of Quad-CPUs.
*  Pyrit no longer filters/expands passwords on it’s own. That means Pyrit is less picky about what it imports into the local blobspace so beware the cruft!
*  The whole compile/install process has had a major overhaul and almost looks sane now. The commandline client is now called ‘pyrit’ and installed to /usr/bin/. This overhaul also brings support for creating binary RPMs with distutils’ bdist_rpm.
*  Pyrit now comes in three discrete packages: The core-package which includes the commandline client and the CPU-driven core (VIA-Padlock support is now auto-detected and enabled if available). The two other packages add support for NVidia-CUDA / AMD-Stream, can be compiled/installed optionally and are automatically used if present and supported by hardware. This makes third-party-distribution in binary form (Live-CDs) much easier.
*  The spell ‘Arcane Missiles’ is now working as intended.

People who know how to use svn should always use the code directly from trunk.  You can also download rev69 (current version 0.2) as packages:
Core (required)
CUDA (optional)
Stream (optional)

Multi-GPU for ATI is still in the pipeline; there are some major problems with AMD’s SDK at this point with AMD showing a general lack of interest to the whole community.  Due to my ridiculous lack of hardware, the Multi-GPU capabilities for NVidia are completley untested at this point. Please comment about any problems below.

Thanks to the team at Pentoo for support.


*  Rev72 fixes compilation on x86_64 and Darwin (Mac OS). Pyrit now also uses ~/.pyrit/ instead of ./ as a basis for the blobspace directories. This fixes a major annoyance introduced with pyrit getting installed to /usr/bin



  1. Stream support with Catalyst 9.2 seems to be completely broken as the CAL runtime won’t initialize.
    I also noticed a major drop in performance from Catalyst 8.12 to 9.1.
    Quite sad to say, but Stream seems to be anything but mature at the current time :-\

  2. Update on stream:
    SDK 1.4-beta is out and it does work with Catalyst 9.2.

    Stream 1.4 beta, catalyst 9.2 and a HD4870 at standard clocks give me 9341.00 PMKs/s. Still 300 PMK/s less than stream 1.3 beta and catalyst 8.12.

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