Major update ahead

I hope to finish a major update to Pyrit within the next few days. It will finally bring support for using more than one GPU which includes using the full potential of the GTX 295. Stay tuned.



  1. How about hd4850x2?

  2. I don’t have any AMD hardware myself so besides code cleanup and general stuff the Stream parts of Pyrit have not changed. That means no multi-gpu support for AMD yet.

    However, mixed layouts (One or more GeForce + one ATI) should work.

  3. very exciting news, I have been following your project for a couple of weeks. Adding the ability to support multi-gpu could potentially raise a single PCs PMK generation to above 40,000/s

  4. nice. Any idea what the tesla cards are capable of?

    as well if say have 2 gtx 295’s and a tesla will all cards work or just the one?

  5. I have had a TRI SLI with BFG GTX280 OC, A Quad SLI with two BFG GTX295, and Finally a TRI SLI with the GTX285 OCX cards and I can tell you first hand the GTX285 OCX stomp the marks of the 295’s. In benches, games, and all other apps involving transcoding etc. GTX285 OCX cards run stock at 702mhz on the core clock. A lot more than that of the 295’s and faster memory etc…. If you have the choice choose the GTX285 OCX in TRI SLI. Or if you have the money try them both like I did. You will decide the same as myself though.

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