Pyrit -> coWPAtty passthrough

Rev67 just got committed with some (minor) changes:

* A new command ‘passthrough‘ has been added to Pyrit’s CLI which allows to pipe passwords through Pyrit’s fast CUDA/AMD/Padlock cores and their results directly to coWPAtty. This skips storing passwords/PMKs on disk and can help using Pyrit on LiveCDs. That way – however – you will not benefit from the huge performance gain which can be provided by re-using precomputed PMKs later on. If you have the disk-space available, you should use the “-f -” option to pass results to stdout while writing them to the local blobspace. There is a bug in vanilla-coWPAtty so you must apply a patch for this command to work.

* A quite serious bug was fixed that may have corrupted exports to on-disk coWPAtty files.

* Some minor cleanups.

* Fixed a bug with the casting of Arcane Missiles.

The following example will read passwords from ~/cowpatty/dict, pipe them through the CUDA-kernel and feed them into coWPAtty: ./ -c ‘Nvidia CUDA’ -e linksys -f ~/cowpatty/dict passthrough | ./cowpatty -d – -r ~/cowpatty/wpa2psk-linksys.dump -s linksys


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