Fixes and updates

Some updates and fixes:

* I’ve committed a temporary fix regarding compiler issues to svn (see below). Pyrit should now compile with CUDA 2.1-beta out of the box.
* Pyrit should now compile on FreeBSD without any changes required
* Support for AMD Stream was added to svn. I’d be glad to here from your performance data.


Support for AMD Stream / Radeon cards

His blog-post

The patch

Padlock now works with gcc 4.3

Compiling for the VIA Padlock engine with gcc 4.3 is now fixed in latest svn

Wi-Fi chipset sales increase by 25% reports that 387 million Wi-Fi capable chipsets have been sold in 2008. According to the press release, around 271 million of those are built into mobile devices of some kind.

GCC 4.3 breaks Padlock code

Fedora 10 already uses GCC 4.3 and I noticed this version seems to break the Padlock code built into the _cpyrit module. It probably get’s confused by the segfault trick…

If you use Pyrit on VIA processors with Padlock hardware engine you should compile the cpyrit module with -O0 instead of -O2. This fixes the behaviour with gcc 4.3

Pyrit not compiling [Update]

Word from NVidia: The bug that causes the compiler to stall will probably not be fixed in 2.1-final but 2.2

Try the compiler option, –opencc-options -WOPT:expr_reass=off, to work around the problem for now.

Goodbye Gentoo

I switched all my boxes, including the headless ones, to Fedora 10 after using Gentoo-Linux as my primary OS for more than 4 years.

So long Gentoo and thanks for all the fish.

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