Pyrit does not compile with CUDA 2.1

The CUDA-Toolkit version that is currently available on ( seems to contain a bug that was already seen in CUDA 1.0 and prevents Pyrit from compiling. The compiler executable ‘be’ will hang and consume 99% cpu-time without ever finishing.

Poke Nvidia – it’s not Pyrit’ fault :-\

Update: With CUDA 2.1 you may try the compiler option “–opencc-options -WOPT:expr_reass=off” to work around the problem for now.


Rejected for CUDA-Zone

Ahh, I love the US and their fun-laws

Sorry for the delay in contacting you regarding the application you submitted to CUDA Zone back in September. I just wanted to let you know that we had to reject this because the use of our GPU to decode WPA would classify us as munitions. Perhaps if it was being used for intrusion detection or some other means we could post it.

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