Things to be done

There are many things still to be done about Pyrit. It is a one-man-show right now but I don’t have the time – your support is required:

  • Make the _cpyrit module create real classes instead of just providing module functions. Most of what is in should be moved to _cpyrit.
  • Move the buffering from into _cpyrit. This is a requirement to support multi-gpu and gpu-cpu cores.
  • Modify gpu-memory access so it can be coalesced with minimum number of transactions. This probably only requires a new CPY_DEV_CTX macro.
  • If the above has been done, we can care about multi-gpu support.
  • Clean up the mess.


  1. Hi,

    Very interesting project! I haven’t been able to make it work unfortunatly.
    Is there a more detailed tutorial or a Video I could Follow?

    Thanks in advance

  2. I wonder if rewriting pyrit using the recently announced OpenCL specification could deliver comparable performance while possibly alleviating some of your problems and extending the range of targeted hardware?

  3. Hi,
    Your program is excellent. I couldn’t try it, but it looks to be awesome. One question: is it possible for the program to read the passwords from the stdin? ‘Cause than we wouldn’t need any disk storage! We could start john-the-ripper to generate passwords, pyrit to hash them using the GPU and then cowpatty to crack.
    Is it possible?


  4. It is possible any only requires a few lines of code around the CPyrit class. Try yourself…

    The thing you describe is none of Pyrit’s business. It’s goal is to provide an implementation of the best currently known attack against WPA-PSK – that is (desspite the known TKIP/QOS-vulnerability) a storage-based dictionary attack on pre-computed PMKs.

  5. Thank you, i will give it a try.


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