Batchprocessing to stdout…

Starting with rev50 it’s now possible to stream results directly to stdout while batchprocessing. For example this makes it possible to stream results directly into cowpatty:

./ -f – -e linksys batch | ~/cowpatty-4.3/cowpatty -d – -r ~/cowpatty-4.3/wpa2psk-linksys.dump -s linksys
cowpatty 4.3 – WPA-PSK dictionary attack. <>
Collected all necessary data to mount crack against WPA2/PSK passphrase.
Starting dictionary attack.  Please be patient.
Using STDIN for hashfile contents.

The PSK is “dictionary”.

3088258 passphrases tested in 356.50 seconds:  8662.76 passphrases/second

Here is another example, this time the box calculating the PMKs is a headless machine a few thousand miles away. It’s piping the GPGPU-calculated results through gzip and ssh back to the local cowpatty client. The lower speed is caused by low upload-bandwidth…

ssh “cd pyrit_svn; ./ -f – -e linksys batch | gzip” | gunzip | ./cowpatty -d – -r wpa2psk-linksys.dump -s linksys

The PSK is “dictionary”.

1831271 passphrases tested in 856.48 seconds:  2138.14 passphrases/second



  1. well Done

  2. But seems there are some errors when run

  3. I am not sure if it just worked for you, or if you patched it on your own. But when I tried using straight from the home page cowpatty 4.3 in the way described it failed. I created a patch to fix it. Figured others might find it useful.

  4. […] If you get stuck with cowpatty not accepting stdin as hashfile input try this small patch: […]

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